Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Applying Eyeshadow ~ Latino! :p

Hi uolss!!

hey guys, :p wassuup?..huhuhu...

Am applying socket eyes which is (Dark and dramatic, light and pearly, frosted and fresh) yesterday at ma model! Juz go tru at youtube under socket eyes & its makes me wanna give a try!... So, am applying at ma model & i'll think..hey, i can do it!.. huhuhuhuu...

Sedikit susah sbb its depends on eyes!... bcoz its makes ur eyes look bigger!

So guys, here The Finished Effect! :D .. Enjoy!.. ahaks!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fana&Farhan @ Bayu Lakes Home 27/12/08

hi eyo2!!.. :)
wow..1st time meet fana, kinda fwenly person & sweets!.. she show 2 me baju untuk dipakai, cantik sgt!.. golden brown.. :)

Can I just say this much? I'm super glad that Fana trust L'Touch to be urs makeup artist!

Tenkiu so much dear & ur fams & rizal jugak2 coz promote Lya ;).. u als sgt2 bes & luv u alls!

Enjoy the picca! Woohoo!! :)

Congrates 2 all of ya!.. Keep in touch ya!.. muahs!..