Saturday, February 28, 2009


Salam Uolss...

Since me join dis club makeup Artist, dis is de 1st time ma fams using ma touch!.. hikhik!.. coz sume dah setel down... Aroy ma cusin (sons of ma paklong) tawen2.. :).. 2 hari for nikah & sanding using silver & gold concept.

Gold lace & am lurve it! :) ... sgt2 cantik coz its makes de bride looks stunning!. ;) I personally really enjoy werking w haznin & am sure de memories of de day will be de bes picca by de photographer from Ashrafe. Tx dear for de luvly picca.. :) Juz g @
Tenkiu to all for layanan yg sgt2 istimewa.. ;) & do pls keep in touch ya!..
Anyhoo, here's the look I did for this time...

NOI @ REMBAU, N9 | 27 FEB 09

Hey everyone!

27 Feb 09 L'Touch gik Rembau N9.. :) o0..ske sgt very de peaceful kg.. Tx to Tuty (wassup Doc) coz promote me! muahs.. tanciu kak yanz!.. hikhik!...

neway, tx oso
to ma bride Noi for using ma touch on ur sweets wedding day!.Juz keep in touch ya! ;)

So ma dear
fans here's the finished look and don't forget to leave me some love!! muahs! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hi again everyone!

Today am doin de EXTREME MAKEOVER for funky concept! Dis job is for ma sista (photography) students for their assignment magazine Funky! This was the look I did, am using the colourfull eyeshadow. Yay! And OMG! I am so in love with it! Granted I only used 4 colors for de girl which is yellow, blue, white & purple.. These eyeshadows by MAC are just gorgeous!!

The False eyelashes rily makes de model outstanding!.. I loike de designs!.. :) Hair spray oso meletops!.. hikhik!! Anyhoo, here's the look I did for today ... and I lurve it! Muahs!!


Halu everyone...

First of all, I must say this tenkiu to ma untie Hazel coz kenalkan me with Elmy for using ma touch! When I first started makeup Elmy, ramai pengktitik2 hebat memerhati.. thehhehee.. anak2 buah elmy, sume interested nak tgk me makeup untie derang.. :) & de all sume cakap.. wahhh, Su macam artis!.. huehuheuehue!.. :D.. so cute all de girls!..

I personally really enjoy werking w Elmy & her family.. Sgt peramah & owang ganu.. nak bal
ik siap bekalkan nasi dagang gik.. hikhik.. Tenkiu so much!! Sgt sedap!
Overall, de all luv de touch & me too!.. & congrates dear Elmy & keep in touch ya!.. muahs!

So guys here de touch!.. Enjoy!
ops!.. sowey lupe amik pic b4.. :p so ni pic mms jer.. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Juma | Dzulnun ~ Seremban • 30 Jan 09 - 1 Feb 09.

Make Up for nikah (30 Jan 2009) | resepsi (
31 Jan 2009) | bertandang (1 Feb 2009).

Hi guys!.. :) 3 days me berkampung @ seremban. Loadz of colourful memories werking w juma. I luv all de baju2 for de bride.. sume cantik2!..

For nikah, juma want to look more ayu gitew.. & she looks so sweets like a princess plus juma mmg dah comey.. kan..kan.. :D
For resepsi, she wearing purple kebaya!.. gush i rily luv de designs... & she look seres stunning!..
Lastly... for makeup bertandang.. juma wearing gold
kebaya!.. Damn!.. she looks gorgeous!... & all de beads at her tudung its rily wonderful!.. :) & am sure she oso lurve it!..

Tx to Juma & Dzulnun for using L'Touch Beauty Resources. Congrates dear.. & keep in touch ya!.. muahs!..

So guys, here de look dat am doin dis time.. enjoy! ;)