Saturday, February 28, 2009

NOI @ REMBAU, N9 | 27 FEB 09

Hey everyone!

27 Feb 09 L'Touch gik Rembau N9.. :) o0..ske sgt very de peaceful kg.. Tx to Tuty (wassup Doc) coz promote me! muahs.. tanciu kak yanz!.. hikhik!...

neway, tx oso
to ma bride Noi for using ma touch on ur sweets wedding day!.Juz keep in touch ya! ;)

So ma dear
fans here's the finished look and don't forget to leave me some love!! muahs! :)


Anonymous said...

wah..totally different..i think i can introduce u to my lovely sister for her wedding next year..

L'Touch said...

salam MiaIrdinna.. :) tx darl!.. keep in touch ya!..