Saturday, February 28, 2009


Salam Uolss...

Since me join dis club makeup Artist, dis is de 1st time ma fams using ma touch!.. hikhik!.. coz sume dah setel down... Aroy ma cusin (sons of ma paklong) tawen2.. :).. 2 hari for nikah & sanding using silver & gold concept.

Gold lace & am lurve it! :) ... sgt2 cantik coz its makes de bride looks stunning!. ;) I personally really enjoy werking w haznin & am sure de memories of de day will be de bes picca by de photographer from Ashrafe. Tx dear for de luvly picca.. :) Juz g @
Tenkiu to all for layanan yg sgt2 istimewa.. ;) & do pls keep in touch ya!..
Anyhoo, here's the look I did for this time...

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