Monday, December 29, 2008

Yaya|Faridz ~ White Bride with lily hand bouquet :)

Holaa.. :)

White songket huh? . lurve it! :) ... sgt2 cantik coz its makes de bride looks fresh & sweets!. ;) I personally really enjoy werking w yaya, with all de cute yaya's niece makes de days loads of memories!.. & am sure de memories of de day will be de bes shooot by de photographer from


... aiitt radzi?.. hikhik!...

Tenkiu to yaya's fams for layanan yg sgt2 istimewa.. ;) & do pls keep in touch ya!..

Anyhoo, here's the look I did for this time...

Lurve it!..
& for yaya & faridz.. Happy wedding day guys!.. muahs.. luv ya!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

HAIRDO ~ hair extensions.


Last Friday me w mak Ayam bergabung tenaga mengerjakan Fiza.. Lya half, mak ayam gik half.. heuheue... neway, sesaja coz Lya ader beli hair extensions kat kelrina (real human hair).. so try it!.. & hey, i loike!.. :D..

Here some hairdo wer i did w Mak ayam.. :) am doin it w/out wig!. juz using hair extensions to enlarge the hair.

Tx to Fiza & Mak Ayam tenkiu dear for bazirkan masa bersama2!.. hikhik!..
anyhooo... here de look!.. enjoy!

FF ~ Fazi & Fairul@maran 13 Dec 08

Salam everyone!..:) L'Touch ke Maran, Pahang dis time!..

First of all, I must say this, tankiu to "FF" coz trust L'Touch to be a makeup Artist for ur wedding Day! I personally really enjoy werking w Fazi & her hubby.. 1st time meet Fazi & Fams epy sgt coz they'll sgt peramah & layanan sgt istimewa. For this time, me using de gold color for her eyes & black skocket, coz theme color for de bride is GOLD! & hey its makes Fazi looks diff!! & am lurve it damn much!!.. :)

To Fazi & Fairul, Congrates dear! Lya doakan u alls will live happily Ever After.. & tx for de Chalet! Sgt2 selesa.. :)

So guys, here's the finished look! Enjoy! :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Suzie Black Kebaya @ Semenyih on 6th Dec 08

haluu everyone..

Black huh?.. 1st time dapat call from kak lily nak booked me for her sista in law tawen2.. me tanyer.. baju kaler ape?.. bler dia jawab Black.. me kinda excited bcoz now mmg tgh 'IN' dats kaler... mmg lain dari yg lain.. yeler.. kak lily kan editor majalah AKSI, JELITA, Novelis ALAF.. plus her sista Rozie editor INTREND.. so de all very up to date!. kan..kan..kan..

To Suzie & Hanif, nice knowing ya & congrates.. to fams kak lily u guys mmg bes!.. layanan yg sgt2 selesa... muahs..muahss!
So guys... here de touch! muahs!

Nak tgk lagik pic2 from photographer pro yg ala2 garden sepanjang perkahwinan Suzie, juz log on @ dis blog~ http://lilyhaslinanasir.blogspot.com/2008/12/terima-kasih-pok-lie.html

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Put3 Dinner makeOver :)

hi alls...
1st time meet Pu3, lya ske sgt tgk mke dia.. very sweets & sgt comeyy.. she ask me to makeup for her fwens wedding dinner. .. very nice girl & miss u loads dear..muahs!..
anyho0o0... enjoy it!.. :)

http://tepianrindu.blogspot.com/2008/12/make-over-wedding-syedemilia.html~ Put3 feedback..:)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ma besfwens Anniversary!

Alohaaaa.... :) hi u allsss...
its been such a long time me tak update ma blog aiit?... But yesterday, when my friend needed to do some makeover for her anniversary, & go for photoshoot with her hubby, I personally really enjoy to do dats.. & also me did for "The lovely Sis Nora" shows off her gorgeous hair in some hair styling! Enjoy! :) Anyhoo, here's the look I did for this time...

Lurve it!..
& for sis Nora.. Happy Anniversary girl!.. muahs.. luv ya!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Applying Eyeshadow ~ Latino! :p

Hi uolss!!

hey guys, :p wassuup?..huhuhu...

Am applying socket eyes which is (Dark and dramatic, light and pearly, frosted and fresh) yesterday at ma model! Juz go tru at youtube under socket eyes & its makes me wanna give a try!... So, am applying at ma model & i'll think..hey, i can do it!.. huhuhuhuu...

Sedikit susah sbb its depends on eyes!... bcoz its makes ur eyes look bigger!

So guys, here The Finished Effect! :D .. Enjoy!.. ahaks!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fana&Farhan @ Bayu Lakes Home 27/12/08

hi eyo2!!.. :)
wow..1st time meet fana, kinda fwenly person & sweets!.. she show 2 me baju untuk dipakai, cantik sgt!.. golden brown.. :)

Can I just say this much? I'm super glad that Fana trust L'Touch to be urs makeup artist!

Tenkiu so much dear & ur fams & rizal jugak2 coz promote Lya ;).. u als sgt2 bes & luv u alls!

Enjoy the picca! Woohoo!! :)

Congrates 2 all of ya!.. Keep in touch ya!.. muahs!..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



i lurve dis makeOver damn much!...

Very Colourful! FUNKY STYLE! thehhehee... :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Glams MakeOver!.

Eyo2!!.. guys... :p..

ermm... yesterday am trying to do ma besh at dis glams model!.. gushh!!
Glams noks!.. ahaks!..

Wokeylahh..notin much to say.. juz enjoy de pic!..muahss!!....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've got makeup to occupy my time with. :P

hi again everyone!..

Am very excited to upload ma new makeover which is i did yesterday!.. i've got it from kak Ana which is a makeup artist!.. (Tx loads dear! sbb tak kedukut ilmu at all!!.. luv ya!..muahs!!...)

Dats a loads of info dats i've got it from her! one of them is.. nose part!... am lurve it damn much!.. so.. from viewing ur style sis, am applying at ma model yesterday!.. ahaks!.. & hey.. it werks!... mak ske noks!.. huhuhuh.... neway guys.. u got to see dis!.. .. taraaaaaa....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweets Touch

Salams... u ols...

After a short absence, am trying loads of skills for eyeshadow, One of them is a Gold naturally & Black Socket look, which would be very suitable for a night out, or to create a natural look with an added touch of sparkle!

Yippeee!!! :D

Monday, August 11, 2008

WiLD Of Me!


hhihih... eyo guys..
Now is ma turn to makeOver by Other makeup artist!!.. huhuhuh...
Cheeee...Tx Amy Janz for making ma face in a WILD SIDE!.. Lurve it!..

So guys, here de wild side of me!... ahaks... c ya!.. daaaa...


Hye everyone..

I would like to share w all of u ma others carier.. besides graphic Designer me become a MakeUp Artist!... huhuhuh..

Besh sgt dapat Xplore dis field... dpt conteng2 mke owang..
De latest mke yg me dapt conteng is ma cusin.. hahhahha.... nak sgt tunjuk kat u alls ma werk!.. ahaks!..

do all of ya think??.. nice?.. huhuhuhuh..... :p

So.. If u alls nak makeOver, u guys wanna try me?. juz gimme a call!..

YM - Lya_sweetiepie
Emel - Lya_sweetiepie@yahoo.com

"Dinner, Wedding, Engagement, Everythings dats u need makeup!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

At Last!...

Holaa.. everyone.. :)

At last am having ma own blog which is ~ luv to upload ma werk (all bout makeup!...) makeup Mania!!

i wud like to tx to Gee..(Mak Ayammmm)...tx loads dear for teaching me...rily appreciate it!..:) u ma SIFU! & am promise ya i'll be ur bes student ever!..ahaks!!..


Friday, August 1, 2008

Personal Lesson MakeOver!

Ma sifu (Gee Cantik) are now open a personal class lesson for makeup Geek!... yg bes tuh dia nak fokus on Socket eyes.. so.. anyone yg interested call me!.. ajo one by one tuh...
Hurry Up!...

u'll never regrets!...