Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've got makeup to occupy my time with. :P

hi again everyone!..

Am very excited to upload ma new makeover which is i did yesterday!.. i've got it from kak Ana which is a makeup artist!.. (Tx loads dear! sbb tak kedukut ilmu at all!!.. luv ya!..muahs!!...)

Dats a loads of info dats i've got it from her! one of them is.. nose part!... am lurve it damn much!.. so.. from viewing ur style sis, am applying at ma model yesterday!.. ahaks!.. & hey.. it werks!... mak ske noks!.. huhuhuh.... neway guys.. u got to see dis!.. .. taraaaaaa....

1 comment:

coolss said...

ur make up so good and nice!!keep up ur good work!!