Monday, December 29, 2008

Yaya|Faridz ~ White Bride with lily hand bouquet :)

Holaa.. :)

White songket huh? . lurve it! :) ... sgt2 cantik coz its makes de bride looks fresh & sweets!. ;) I personally really enjoy werking w yaya, with all de cute yaya's niece makes de days loads of memories!.. & am sure de memories of de day will be de bes shooot by de photographer from


... aiitt radzi?.. hikhik!...

Tenkiu to yaya's fams for layanan yg sgt2 istimewa.. ;) & do pls keep in touch ya!..

Anyhoo, here's the look I did for this time...

Lurve it!..
& for yaya & faridz.. Happy wedding day guys!.. muahs.. luv ya!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

HAIRDO ~ hair extensions.


Last Friday me w mak Ayam bergabung tenaga mengerjakan Fiza.. Lya half, mak ayam gik half.. heuheue... neway, sesaja coz Lya ader beli hair extensions kat kelrina (real human hair).. so try it!.. & hey, i loike!.. :D..

Here some hairdo wer i did w Mak ayam.. :) am doin it w/out wig!. juz using hair extensions to enlarge the hair.

Tx to Fiza & Mak Ayam tenkiu dear for bazirkan masa bersama2!.. hikhik!..
anyhooo... here de look!.. enjoy!

FF ~ Fazi & Fairul@maran 13 Dec 08

Salam everyone!..:) L'Touch ke Maran, Pahang dis time!..

First of all, I must say this, tankiu to "FF" coz trust L'Touch to be a makeup Artist for ur wedding Day! I personally really enjoy werking w Fazi & her hubby.. 1st time meet Fazi & Fams epy sgt coz they'll sgt peramah & layanan sgt istimewa. For this time, me using de gold color for her eyes & black skocket, coz theme color for de bride is GOLD! & hey its makes Fazi looks diff!! & am lurve it damn much!!.. :)

To Fazi & Fairul, Congrates dear! Lya doakan u alls will live happily Ever After.. & tx for de Chalet! Sgt2 selesa.. :)

So guys, here's the finished look! Enjoy! :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Suzie Black Kebaya @ Semenyih on 6th Dec 08

haluu everyone..

Black huh?.. 1st time dapat call from kak lily nak booked me for her sista in law tawen2.. me tanyer.. baju kaler ape?.. bler dia jawab Black.. me kinda excited bcoz now mmg tgh 'IN' dats kaler... mmg lain dari yg lain.. yeler.. kak lily kan editor majalah AKSI, JELITA, Novelis ALAF.. plus her sista Rozie editor INTREND.. so de all very up to date!. kan..kan..kan..

To Suzie & Hanif, nice knowing ya & congrates.. to fams kak lily u guys mmg bes!.. layanan yg sgt2 selesa... muahs..muahss!
So guys... here de touch! muahs!

Nak tgk lagik pic2 from photographer pro yg ala2 garden sepanjang perkahwinan Suzie, juz log on @ dis blog~ http://lilyhaslinanasir.blogspot.com/2008/12/terima-kasih-pok-lie.html