Friday, September 4, 2009


Salam all ma fwens!...

Its been a long time rite i tak upload ma blog.. now baru nak upload pic Fatin.. Sowi dear, lambat upload ur wedding picca... :) 1st time meets fatin, so sweets, cumel & suara dia macam fasha Sanda.. :p & sgt sempoi.. gonna miss ya gal!..

So guys.. Fatin using L'Touch for 3 times.. 1st nikah, Sanding & Bertandang..

For Nikah..

Fatin, wearing all white w tudung full of beads... i'll touch her face very natural look plus she's got katam Quran b4 nikah. am using, pinky & lite brown for her eye shadow & lite pink for lipstik.. She's look sweets & gorgeous!..

For Bersanding.

Fatin wearing 2 types of outfit. 1st songket w all de beautiful pinky flowers & cucuk sanggul. Its rily makes her outstanding. For majlis memotong kek, fatin wearing a brown & gold dress & i'll makes her like a princess. :) am using a gold & brown for her eye shadow & a bit red for her lipstik. As usuall fatin looks outstanding & i luv it!..

all de outfit is by Julie.. http://weddings-galore.fotopages.com/ tx dear for de job!.. :)

Last for her majlis bertandang

Fatin wearing a lite pinky purple kurung moden. nice outfit. Dis outfit by herself. So sweets colour & its rily fix w u darl.. Fatin wanna looks natural wif peach & lite purple on her eyeshadow plus pink lipstik.. am luv it becoz fatin looks sweets & elegant sweety!

To both of ya, congrates ya!.. & tenkiu so much for using L'Touch for ur makeup Artist. Keep in touch & tekey!..

Guys, untuk kesempatan ini, Lya nak ucapkan selamat berpuasa kepada seluruh umat islam... semoga ibadah kite mendapat keberkatan dari-Nya... amin...


+ EVLENSA + said...

wahhhh..gud job babe!
berseri wajah pengantin..


L'Touch said...

hi Vee...


Selamat berpose gaks!...