Thursday, December 31, 2009


Salam 2 all ma dear makeup geek!..

2 JAN 2010 ~ My first task since new year 2010, with Aida & Chalie. A soft spoken lady, Smile alwiz, understand my duty and also easy to order. Tx to Chalie too for ya layanan yg bes!.. ;) Tq oso to Julie for dis job ya!... :) L'Touch to Sg Buloh Country Resort, Saujana Utama.

Dis couple kahwin ala2 javanese Bali Indonesian. Juntaian bunga melur di sekeliling sanggul makes de bride looks a like gadis from indonesia.. hihii... :) lurve it!.. btw, for eyeshadow me using silver & pepel plus pigment cream by MAC.. sukak gilos!.. plus lip gloss & peach blusher!...

For dis time werking together w Eddie http://mohamedyusdi.wordpress.com/.. cant wait to see all de pics from ya!.. :)

Ala Bali a very nice concept
.. to u guys enjoy de pic & to both of ya Chalie & dear Aida..congrates & keep in touch!..muahs!..


FydaFendy said...

Hi Lya....
Wow! you're really2 have a great touch!! aida look so stunning.. i pernah makeupkn aida for her nikah.. she does have a great skin.. i adore your touch laaaa.... u go gurl!!!!

L'Touch said...

hi FydaFendy... tx dear.. :)